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How I went from wannabe writer with zero words on the page to a dozen books and helping thousands of writers become “prolific” by writing fast, often, and well…

Before the popular podcast, hundreds of published articles, and a dozen books in the world… there was the aspiring, phony, wannabe, and “someday” writer.

Talked about writing.

Read books about writing.

Watched YouTube videos about writing.

I lived with an intense fear of writing what was in my heart. Fear of what others might say. Fear of writing junk. Fear, fear, and more fear.

I wish I could say it was a smooth ride into becoming an author. But it had more downs than ups for many years…


The angry blog in 2004 about why the church was failing me and the world.

Published articles on subjects I cared nothing about: gardening, plumbing, and pet care. Oh yeah, paid a whopping $5-25 per lame piece.

Rejection slips from publishers.


Then two things changed everything. First, a simple idea. Two, the indie publishing revolution.

I had lived with a million lies and myths about becoming a writer. You need a degree in writing. You need an agent or publisher. It will take a minimum of two years to write a book.

But one of the most crippling lies was between my ears. I had limiting beliefs. When do you become a writer?

You become a writer when you say you are… and when you do the work.

The difference between an amateur and pro writer is not traditional book contracts and an MFA degree. 

You become a writer when you say you are and write. I didn’t get that, and it still is a battle every day when staring at the blank page. 

Second, the indie publishing revolution. No longer were the gatekeepers of publishing houses in control. I could be in control of writing what I want, design, marketing, and royalties that make sense for a sustainable career. 

I shopped books around to agents and publishers. Many nice comments and form letters. But if you don’t have a million followers on social media or a large platform, they don’t care how good the book is. Fine. 

The first few years of publishing were hard and slow. I was learning the craft. Trying to fight the mindset that creates fear and perfectionism and not work. I also was learning the dance of art/creativity and business. They don’t have to be mortal enemies. 

But I did it. I learned, I studied, and sought help from other indie authors. I failed, got back up, and published again. 

One book, two, three, four, five, six, seven…

Each release building confidence. A few dollars here, a little more there, a growing audience, nice comments and reviews.

Something unexpected happened. The books opened doors for coaching, speaking, consulting, and invitations to writers workshops.


The power of a book, I guess.

A writer. Making money from my books. A podcast host helping writers learn from my mistakes and becoming prolific… all with a day job… crazy, right?

I don’t say all of this to brag. We have plenty of that in our world. I share this because of what is possible.

I am a nobody who fights the resistance and fear of writing every day.

But after interviewing dozens of prolific writers. My hunch proved true time and time again. You don’t need a big name to have a successful and satisfying creative life. You just need to do the work. One word at a time.

And it helps to have a tribe…

The Prolific Writer Nation is my tribe. A community of people that want to write fast, often, and well. A passionate and hungry group of writers who want to finish what they start. Not settle for less. Make good livings from their art… or keep the day job. It doesn’t matter…

They’re tired of the talk and lies. Their message must get out. Making a difference along the way.

After a few years of writing and publishing I wanted to give back. I knew what I needed when I got started… but had to go it alone.

There weren’t many people willing to hold my hand through specific areas of my growth as a writer and publisher:

  • Mindset- what is happening between my ears and in my heart that’s not allowing me to write? Why is there resistance?
  • Craft- how can I get better at my art? What tools are essential for becoming a better story teller and writer?
  • The Biz- what do I need for a successful publishing business? How do you get more eye balls on your work?

These were the biggest buckets of frustration for me. Maybe you? Areas I still need help, but want to share what I’m learning along the way with The Prolific Writer Nation.

You ready to learn and grow with me and thousands of other Prolific Writers? I thought so.

Ready to take a stand? No more wannabe writer talk. No more excuses. No more ignored blogs and manuscripts in drawers.


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